Aquaponics Vegetables

There are one hell of a lot of plants you can grow with aquaponics and in turn a wide range of aquaponics vegetables. lets face it, buying your veg at a supermarket will cost you - especially if you want to purchase organic products. Now, aquaponics vegetables cannot be classed as 100% organic because aquaponic systems are not 100% organic. The fish feed some systems use is not considered organic so I would judge aquaponics systems and aquaponics vegetables are about 95% organic.

Aquaponics allows you to grow fish along with vegetables ( and other plants ) side by side. That's lovely protein filled fresh fish along with high quality vegetables - makes for a nice meal. It is a extremely easy as well as a completely organic ( as long as you use organic fish feed ) way of growing your favorite vegetables without having to worry about soil cultivation or fertilization, not to mention the use of horrible synthetic fertilizers. In an aquaponics system you only have to feed the fish and you could even make up your own fish food through organic means.

So you can use organic fish foods to grow aquaponics vegetables. This is important to know because as I mentioned earlier on, normal aquaponics are about 95% organic if you use commercial fish food. So, to be completely organic ( and get aquaponics vegetables aplenty ) you will have to find an organic food for the fish. You can purchase fresh worms but this can be hard depending on where you live, they can also get quite expensive to.

My recommendation is to use duckweed - great for growing aquaponics vegetables and keeping your much loved fish in healthy, organic condition. Why duckweed? Well, duckweed contains a high amount of protein and is not to expensive. In fact you can find it in most countries in slow flowing pond/lake areas. In matter of fact it is very easy to grow by itself, once you add it to your aquaponics system it multiplies very,very fast and before you know it you will have a lot of duckweed for your fish to eat.

Research has shown us that the process of growing plants with the help of water from fish tanks helps the vegetables grow at a 50% more than normal. Thus you get the chance to see your top vegetables grow within a very short period of time. This is not all of it, now the same water can be reused on put back into the fish tank filtered and so keep a clean environment for the fish to live in.

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